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Swansea University

Christopher  Coates, PhD., Project coordinator

Christopher Coates, PhD., Project coordinator

I am a comparative immunologist engaged in research focussed on unravelling the biological mechanisms that enable invertebrates (e.g. crustaceans and insects) to combat pathogenic assault and survive environmental trauma. Current interests include:

  • The roles of oxygen transport/binding proteins in innate immunity (haemocyanin and phenoloxidase)
  • Health status indicators of commercially important shellfish pre-mortem (e.g. Limulus polyphemus), and food quality issues post-mortem (e.g. Nephrops norvegicus) 
  • Developing insect larvae (Galleria mellonella) as an alternative in vivo model system to reduce the need for murine and simian experimentation

I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy