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Monday, 7 December 2020
15:00 (Bangkok Time) / 08.00 (UK Time) / 09.00 (Paris/Amsterdam Time)

Workshop Description:
This free webinar aims to introduce metabolomics technology and its applications in agriculture using shrimp as an example. The contents will range from basic principle, experimental design, data analysis and computational methodology for integrating multidimensional data. This webinar will also disseminate aquaculture-related scientific issues under SustainAble Farming for Effective Aquaculture (SAFE-Aqua), an international consortium research project supported by Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) scheme under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

Register: https://meeting-nstda.webex.com/meeting-nstda/onstage/g.php?MTID=eba30a26a844161e614436b419e01582d



Come and join us! Our SAFE-Aqua team is sharing "The impact of ASEAN-EU collaboration on Shrimp industry & Sustainable Aquaculture".

Date: 19 Nov 2020
Time: 10.45am - 12.30pm
Place: Shangri-La hotel, Bangkok
Room: Ballroom 3

We would like to cordially invite Thai participants to join the onsite conference and overseas participants to join the online conference. Please see the full program below.

To register: https://air-bio2020.com/login

7.workshop system biology

Systems biology is an interdisciplinary field striving to reveal complex biological processes in an integrated and holistic approach. This newly emerged subject in modern biology has markedly gained increasing interest as a promising strategy to give in-depth insights on molecular mechanisms responsible for driving complex biological processes of lives. With such insights, engineering novel biological systems with desirable functions becomes possible. However, strong background in biology, computational modelling and mathematics are required to understand a complicated dataset extracted from dynamic processes in biology. Various multi-omics tools can be applied to study interactions between components of biological systems in different levels from genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and phenomics to give answer on how these interactions can give rise to functions of specific bio-systems from molecules, cells, organisms, or entire species through a sophisticated modelling strategy. Systems biology is undoubtedly now considered as central to all areas of biology and medicine, highlighting its importance in today’s research in life sciences.

The objectives of this workshop are  1) to update knowledge and information on systems biology from world-class experts and leading researchers from local institutes, focusing from its basic concept, multi-omics tools, and applications of systems biology on different biological questions for bioeconomy; 2) to share experience on bioinformatics and computational analysis of bio-dataset in systems biology in the hand-on workshop by experts from WUR; 3) To strengthen and expand research network in systems biology among researchers in academic and industrial sectors for further and future collaboration

Brochure: http://www.biotec.or.th/th/images/stories/TU/2018-02/BrochureSystemsBiology.pdf
To register: http://www.biotec.or.th/th/images/stories/TU/2018-01/RegistrationFormOmics.pdf
Website: http://www.biotec.or.th/th/index.php/ประกาศ/งานประชุม
For more information, please contact
Technical Training Unit
National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC)
113 Thailand Science Park, Phahonyothin Rd., Khlong Nueng
Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120, Thailand
Phone: (66) 2564 6700 ext. 3379-3382
Fax.: (66) 2564 6574
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Workshop on Shrimp Genomics and Bioinformatics was held on 25 April 2017 at Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. This workshop covered all major techniques of next-generation sequencing including genotyping, genomics and transcriptomics as well as the application of PacBio, Gene expression profiling with Illumina, and SHAMAN (SHiny Application for Metagenomics ANalysis) on research activities under SAFEAqua project.   

2. Workshop on Genomics and Bioinformatics

SAFEAqua Kick-Off Meeting during 24 – 27 April 2017 at Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

The SAFE-Aqua Kick-off Meeting started with a welcome address by Prof. Frédéric Tangy, Scientific Coordinator of SAFE-Aqua, explaining how the consortium members met and decided on working together on the project. It was followed by a brief project overview by Wanilada Rungrassamee, on behalf of Nitsara Karoonuthaisiri, Scientific coordinator of the project at BIOTEC.  All meeting participants then briefly introduced themselves and presented their involvement in the project.

All WP Leaders presented the objectives of their respective work packages, as well as the identified tasks/sub-tasks and participants involved. Focus was also placed on the expected Deliverables and Milestones. All staff involved in the project and present at the meeting worked together on planning work for WP2 Genome sequencing, WP3 Shrimp immunome, and WP4 Gut microbiome.

Workshop on Shrimp Genomics and Bioinformatics was organised on the second day. This workshop covered all major techniques of next-generation sequencing including genotyping, genomics and transcriptomics as well as the application of PacBio, Gene expression profiling with Illumina, and SHAMAN (SHiny Application for Metagenomics ANalysis) on research activities under SAFEAqua project.  

The third day was dedicated to project management training, which was organised by the Grants office. This training covered the EU policy monitoring and lobbying, EU project management and success story of INFRAVEC2, an EU-funded project.

This meeting ended with the scientific writing training, which consisted of a half-day conference by Dr. Sean McCarthy, who specialised in implement European Research Strategies within organisations. The presentation focused on how to write successful H2020 project proposals, highlighting the importance of a well-defined “Impact” strategy for projects and on a typical H2020 project writing timeline.

1. SAFEAqua Kick off Meeting

Dr. Rungnapa Leelatanawit and Dr.TanapornUengwetwanit were the first two senior researchers from BIOTEC who took a 3-month secondment (April – July 2017) to Institute Pasteur where they learned new genome sequencing techniques from Dr. Sean Kennedy and his team.   


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