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Staff exchange experience #1: Dr.Tanaporn Uengwetwanit

What motivated you to participate SFE-Aqua project?

SAFE-Aqua (SustainAble Farming for Effective Aquaculture) is an international collaborative project that aims to solve disease-related issues in aquaculture using shrimp as a model. Our research involves cutting-edge next-generation sequencing technologies, bioinformatics analyses and multidisciplinary making this truly motivate me. I find this a great opportunity to broaden my skills as well as bring out the best in me. Since SAFE-Aqua is funded by Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE), this allows me to visit research laboratories aboard. That why I'm here at Institute of Pasteur right now. Working closely with interdisciplinary scientists bring a new perspective I am impressed. I hope this opportunity will lead to other collaborative projects.

What is your experience during your stay in Paris?

In the beginning, it is not easy to find a room with our affordable price to stay for short term. But after that everything is fine. I visited Paris a few times when I was studying Ph.D. in Germany, so it is not difficult to adapt and live here. I enjoy strolling around the city and exploring gorgeous architecture and fabulous pastry.